Debby Peeters is a Dutch illustrative designer based in a small town in the south of The Netherlands. Her style is colorful and bold. Her main inspiration are animals and her work contains a lot of animal like figures.

Debby has a strong believe in animal rights and thinks of herself as an activist, idealist and dreamer and believes in ‘that all good things come to those who make them happen’ (in dutch: wie goed doet, goed ontmoet). 

Debby’s work has been used in editorial design, visual identity, book design, bookcovers and cultural publications. She has the ability to transform complex information into accessible and visually appealing design.

Making the world more beautiful one design at a time.

With only a few vague terms, she managed to create a beautiful translation into images, which perfectly matched the atmosphere and the message. 

-Petra Kruijt, VBK Media